Das Fenster ist ein wichtiger Teil Ihres Hauses. Jetzt nach Größe, Form diversifiziert, Farbe macht es einfach, die Fassade und Innenraum-Layout Familie zu entwerfen. Kunststoff-Fenster und ist leicht in jedem öffentlichen Ort zu gestalten, in der Front, an der Seite des Hauses, hinter dem Haus oder einen Ort, um Schönheit für Ihr Zuhause als auch Innenraum-Layout erstellen.
Aesthetic elegance and superior quality uPVC windows Gattner than the quality of regular doors (wooden doors) because the raw materials are imported from Germany will meet the diverse requirements that a The most ideal. 
Excellent insulation properties of thick-walled multi-compartment - 6 compartment INOUTIC 
Rugged and easy to clean 
Properties and physical structure ensures 
Design software windows Winkhaus combined with the manufacturing technology is the most advanced auto-import from Germany

3 Company Gattner window solution for customers to choose 
Spin flip open window into the 
Filming outside the window open 
Sliding windows open

The benefits of uPVC windows 
Has long been one of plastics, especially PVC, the most important documents and most versatile current. From the food industry and beverage, automotive industry for the construction industry: Plastic products are future proof and energy saving

UPVC windows - durable and stable structure, strong, termite resistant and waterproof up 
PVC is the most important raw material for window frames. Rain, snow, ice, sunlight and other environmental influences do not affect the functionality of the gate. Life expectancy and durability of uPVC proven guarantee for 40 years through the use of features: durability, toughness, heat stability, color retention and termite resistant. Unlike wood windows or aluminum timber security by adding a protective layer such as coating the exterior with uPVC doors are not necessary. PVC windows are 100% recyclable and thus save resources. 40% of gas reserves and the world's oil is used for heating and for power supply of the building, only 4% is used to make plastics, and of which only 1% for PVC . 
When comparing the overall durability than wood or wood-aluminum door, the plastic doors are rated much better. As well as special requirements in the areas of insulation, anti-theft and anti-noise, the plastic window Gattner is a perfectly reasonable choice. 
UPVC window - A great investment 
PVC windows offer significant savings in procurement costs, and the entire life cycle. For wood frame you have to pay more than about 20-30% compared to the plastic and aluminum window profiles even at a 30% premium to the most expensive alternative. Due to the high thermal insulation capabilities and virtually maintenance-free service life more than 50 years helping homeowners save long-term costs, as the cost of heating, cooling and room 
Not affected by any climate when installing uPVC windows and doors - they help create the relaxed atmosphere and comfortable in your home. Designed to prevent the impact of the outside temperature is best for your facility can reduce energy consumption and save heating costs as well as costs for air conditioner cooling for a long time. 
Safety, impact resistant, slow fire 
Steal Gattner plastic window against a series of security measures to help protect you and your family better against incursions from the outside: With quality accessories security and increase the frame structure shall be impact, particularly safety glass, anti-theft lock or alarm system makes your home safer. 
Plastic windows soundproof Gattner prevent noise from outside and gives you peace of comfort you need, such as noise from aircraft, cars or buildings under construction

With special soundproof windows by given the structure of the frame and door with rubber bands, glass 2 layer or 3 layer sound insulation, airtight insulation is installed between the door frame and the wall so gach.Vi meet sound insulation is required of you: 10 dB is considered to be a large part of the noise reduction. 
Intelligent Ventilation: Take a deep breath and relax 
With demand "plastic window ventilation" is Gattner is a perfect choice. Because the door with ventilation support system that guarantees the safety and effectiveness to help house air exchange needed .No stale air, moisture and odors are not only unpleasant for everyone, even the room will be affected. As a result, odor forming and high humidity can lead to mold and mildew formation. Therefore, proper ventilation can be just a few minutes, but the room had a full air exchange and thus for a more comfortable living environment. So, you can do it perfectly, Gattner provide ventilation solution to always provide fresh air needed. 
Gattner uPVC window system using bar can Thyssen designed continuous ventilation. Clean air passes through the hole in the milling open joints between the wings and outer door frame or with the comb gasket set to put on the outside of the door stop. Since then drove into the airflow through regional flaps inclined boreholes. Clean Air inclined threaded through openings in the door way splint comes into the room. 
Diversity of color, style
Colors and styles are diverse Inoutic provide almost unlimited, allowing you to easily select the design house architecture. With elements of uPVC Gattner, you can be sure that you will always find the right colors for a harmonious combination between the window and the interior together. All color coating Gattner help against the weather and a breeze to clean, clean. 
(With accompanying pdf file) 
UPVC windows are easy to clean

UPVC windows Gattner quality is very easy to clean and low maintenance. In contrast, for example, wood windows for about two years and 5 years have been repainted. But with modern technology plastic beads with the ability to withstand any kind of weather is greatly increased durability. To clean the window just a little mild detergent solution, because the smooth surface facilitates maintenance, maintenance. For more information about caring for PVC windows can be found on our site for the care of plastic windows. (Link-Service) 
Warranty (all products are warranted for 5 years) 
Warranty of two layers of transparent glass 
Warranty operating modes of metallic systems 
Warranty occlusion of rubber washer system 
Warranty mechanical strength and color of the bar Profiles (It INOUTIC 10 year warranty)
Profiles of bars and steel core 
Vietnam Gattner Profile INOUTIC use sound, this is the bar Profile manufacturers for production of plastic doors leading German World.

Glazing thickness from 20-44 mm: Especially for heat resistance glass and large thickness noise. 
2 leg splint to keep the glass: according to DIN 18 545, resistant to high theft 
Imported steel core of the German company Thyssen, with a minimum thickness of 1.5 mm. Special core bar trivia T276 1.75 mm, and the outer door open core 2.5 mm. Chromium plated stainless steel. Core fits in bending in accordance with the shape of the plastic bars, enhanced rigidity to the frame and door. 
Installation depth of 76mm: Insulate high cost of heating and cooling 
The variety of frames and doors: Customers have a wide choice of colors, sizes, different heights 
On the glass box 
Gattner only company selling products door glass box, glass box, vacuum and inert gas injection, increased sound insulation, thermal insulation. Glass types include: single, safety, strength, reflective, tinted ... 2 layers with a total thickness of up to 12-14 m depending on the way down. Glass Production Line Full automatic box is imported CBU from Germany, allowing the glass thickness up to 24mm box - 28mm or 32 mm, depending on customer requirements. (According to our survey of the same products in Vietnam only reach a maximum thickness of 19 mm). 
Customers have two choices: Vietnamese origin southern glass and glass Arcon German origin. But Arcon glass of German higher priced about 10% of the total value of the project, but customers really assured of durability, hardness, as well as safety features heat resistance, prevent noise when in use. 
Regarding metal accessories 
Gattner Company uses its accessories WINKHAUS - maker of parts for the plastic door manufacturer famous in Germany. 
A metal accessories system reliability, the result of continuous development. The smart solutions and innovation in the field of window fittings and doors are trademarks of Winkhaus technology. 
Vietnam Gattner using the latest accessories that Winkhaus Winkhaus Autopilot with Vietnam following premium features: 
Quiet operation 
Through structure was meticulously careful calculations made ​​by its ability to link with geometry and accessories for the whole of Winkhaus Autopilot system to achieve highly accurate links and steady. 
These parts must bear high loads, such as multi-point latches, latch catch are made of high grade steel and bearing wear. 
Designing systems associated offloading parts most at risk of damage when under load long or unusual features in a short time. 
System design optimal load distribution on the key points, which ensures long-lasting use. 
Multi-point lock, door lock all 4 sides: anti-pry, completely sealed. 
Newer generations of active pilots accessories, RC-2 standards



Hope Lock features Swing-open flip and convenient to use.

Priority opening in for the cause: 
Features flip promoted the use, not water into the opening even smaller when it rains. 
Easy to clean and operate (ranked safety in the home) 
Convenience of use: can both flip open, just let the curtain sleep without worrying about security 
Cost savings as bars 
Increase aesthetic house when viewed from outside, as well as harmony interior 
The door windows can be opened in two open rotation mode is on or open the flip angle of 10-15 degrees inside. Convenient for installing UPVC external maintenance and cleaning. 
Flip open mode to ensure ventilation in the room but remained discreet, avoid overhead rain, winds die, and does not affect the layout of furniture near the door as curtains, table lamps consistent with the public ... the limited open space outside. 
Both modes are open safe use, particularly suitable for use in high-rise buildings. 
Ensure sound insulation, thermal insulation and tightness, high snugly. 
This is the most common type of door is used in Europe