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About the Company

GATTNER VIETNAM Co., Ltd. is a company 100% foreign owned German company GATTNER investment in Vietnam. Hanoi People's Committee granted investment license number: 011022000833 dated 05 May 2010 05.
GATTNER Company was founded in 1993 in Germany, specializes in the manufacture uPVC door installation, glass encased design construction, large plate glass wall erected for public buildings, station, airport, Airport campaign ...
Gattner company is one of the 10 largest companies active in Europe in this field. After carefully studying the Vietnamese market, Gattner decided to invest in Vietnam a uPVC door factory in Thanh Oai Industrial Cluster - Thanh Oai - Ha Noi. Plant two lines with automatic sync is brought over from Germany.
  • Glass production line box (double-layer glass vacuum) LIESEC party. 
  • Plastic door production line (windows, door room, baffles ...) Its Fa.Elumatec, Fa.Urban, Fa.Boshert.
This is the new technology and the most modern of the world that are using Gattner in Germany and Vietnam.
Plastic door system in Vietnam is Gattner use of two materials supplier is traditional:
  • Manufacturer Profile bar, INOUTIC, here is the audio production profile for the production of plastic doors leading German World. 
  • WINKHAUS accessories manufacturers, accessories manufacturers for manufacturers of plastic doors is very popular in Germany. 
  • Glass was imported from Europe, with many categories, in accordance with the weather conditions and Vietnam. 
  • Doors are fully automated production closed on two lines of modern technology, to achieve very high accuracy, the specifications meet the demanding requirements of modern buildings: How to soundproof, temperature, durability, to withstand the rigors of weather: hot, cold, rain storms. System hardware accessories (knobs, keys, locks, hinges, multi-point latch system ...) function correctly secure and convenient to use.
Join the plastic door Vietnam market later than other carriers as Eurowindows, EBM ... but with the advantage of experience, along with longtime partner relationships with both vendors and traditional INOUTIC WINKHAUS, VIETNAM GATTNER believe that the market will provide Vietnam to build the best product plastic door, fully meet the technical standards and the stringent requirements of the work to satisfy the demand, tastes of Vietnamese consumers. 
New products by the Company Vietnam Gattner exclusive distributor in Vietnam market 
  • System security lock DOM German firm 
  • Its cutting tools WEMARO Germany 
  • Products for industry supporting its German Wurth 
  • Glass building and its decoration ARCON Germany