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Manufacturer Profile INOUTIC bar, this bar is a manufacturer serving manufacturing Profile plastic doors leading German World. 
Thanh Profile INOUTIC 6 compartments: the generation of the most modern sound Profile, have remarkable advantages compared to other generation of profile
Materials manufacturing plastic doors are factory Gattner Gattner 100% imported from manufacturers INOUTIC - Germany. 
INOUTIC is one of the leading manufacturers of PVC systems for windows and doors, facades, glass walls, doors and balcony garden design in Europe. 
INOUTIC now have offices in over 75 countries through a global network of plastic production. INOUTIC was founded by Gebrüder Anger at Bogen 1985 to 1956, the company was renamed Plastics Technology of Thyssen Polymer GmbH group, and by 2007 under Inoutic - DECEUNINCK GmbH.



Inoutic expertise is the result of many years of experience 
With over 50 years experience in the plastics industry. Bogen INOUTIC factory in the continuum to include high value - from design and development to the complete plastic extrusion. 
New materials solutions as new composite material combining plastic timber of Inoutic Twinson is based on intensive research and many years of experience. All products serve industries Inoutic plastic door handle easy installation as well as maintaining and servicing. 
  INOUTIC always assist customers in the design of a personal style and to build the dream home come true. Our design combines the durability of the product guarantee period of 50 years using the highest quality, always wanted to meet the customer's needs, not only today but also tomorrow. 
Inoutic products undergo a series of tests to check the strength of materials, precision, thermal stability and surface gloss, constantly controlled through 2D digital surveying and measuring quality 3D. The solution is Inoutic peak for reliability, safety, energy efficiency and design, confirmed by national testing institutes and international celebrities and this is what Inoutic quality certificates.
Building Products of INOUTIC commitment to durability, easy maintenance and gain valuable insulation, sound great. 
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