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The entire system is plastic door accessories Vietnam Gattner use of Winkhaus - manufacturers produce parts for popular plastic door in Germany
With traditional technology innovation for over 150 years in Winkhaus 
For more than 150 years, families Winkhaus Group founded in 1854, thanks to growth thanks to the extraordinary power of continuous innovation to become a leading supplier of door accessories for high-quality plastic industry . Currently, the 5th generation of family ownership Winkhaus. 
Customers worldwide appreciate the smart solution for field Winkhaus windows, doors and door large-scale systems. Winkhaus advanced technology allows the systems in the building when in use saves energy optimization. 
Winkhaus has five major branches in Germany and international subsidiaries in eight countries, with approximately 2,000 employees. Along with many other partners, Winkhaus global presence to meet all requirements, field services for plastic door.