UPVC Doors

UPVC Doors

UPVC Doors

UPVC doors Gattner brings the luxury and safety of your home 
The front door is an important center focal point at the entrance of each house. Depending on the architecture and personal preferences that shape the front door is the first impression for homeowners and guests in front of a beautiful house. Therefore, it is important that the door system on how to meet all the expectations of the owner.

Plastic doors Gattner 
Selected according to individual designs and family 
Detailed design sophisticated, highly aesthetic 
Protect your family from the effects of the external environment such as weather and noise 
High stability, durability and anti-theft security 
Sound-insulating absolute 
Equally important is the quality of materials and manufacturing processes. By the front door was open when out in continuous, should take many factors affect the durability of the door, so you should choose which type of door completely reliable. Plastic material of the plastic doors of Inoutic Gattner meet all the requirements and standards of the highest quality and suitable for all design options personally.

Doors attracting light and natural air inside the house, so when designing the main door to get the indoor air convection as a focal point, not only so safety issues and aesthetic is also of particular interest. Gattner main doors meet all requirements.

The design and color of the door 
Doors and doors are made of plastic additives Inoutic available in various shapes, designs and colors. Customers can use three main materials include plastic, glass and Prezo advanced equipment and design to create elegant focal point in the new building, but can also be easily integrated into the facade of the building old with the option to mount different types.

uPVC doors are available in many different designs. Colors can be designed freely. 
Doors made of plastic - a stable, safe and stable 
The doors are German experts to examine about 100,000 closing and opening, and thus ensure use about 50 years in terms of quality durability. 
The expansion of freedom and stability in a very unstable structure frame was patented
Features multi-point lock and Accessories Winkhaus can special protection against the intrusion of burglars achieve exceptionally high standards DIN ENV in 1927. 
All front doors are made of plastic Gattner INOUTIC meet the requirements of energy saving regulations ENEV 2014. 
Best insulation by 6 cavity structure helps plastic bar cup thermal maximum (polyurethane bars).

High quality plastic door Inoutic is reflected both in excellent insulation value and high impact resistance. 
Gattner Our company provides door Eforte systems, door systems, door systems and Prestige Arcade: 
The main doors 
The main doors Prezo senior 
In style and design, customers can visit the website: http://www.rodenberg.ag/en or http://www.nuessing.de/ to choose from.

Profiles of bars and steel core

Glazing thickness from 20-44 mm: Especially for heat resistance glass and large thickness noise. 
2 leg splint to keep the glass: according to DIN 18 545, resistant to high theft 
Imported steel core of the German company Thyssen, with a minimum thickness of 1.5 mm. Special core bar trivia T276 1.75 mm, and the outer door open core 2.5 mm. Chromium plated stainless steel. Core fits in bending in accordance with the shape of the plastic bars, enhanced rigidity to the frame and door. 
Installation depth of 76mm: Insulate high cost of heating and cooling 
The variety of frames and doors: Customers have a wide choice of colors, sizes, different heights 
On the glass box 
Gattner only company selling products door glass box, glass box, vacuum and inert gas injection, increased sound insulation, thermal insulation. Glass types include: single, safety, strength, reflective, tinted ... 2 layers with a total thickness of up to 12-14 m depending on the way down. Glass Production Line Full automatic box is imported CBU from Germany, allowing the glass thickness up to 24mm box - 28mm or 32 mm, depending on customer requirements. (According to our survey of the same products in Vietnam only reach a maximum thickness of 19 mm). 
Customers have two choices: Vietnamese origin southern glass and glass Arcon German origin. But Arcon glass of German higher priced about 10% of the total value of the project, but customers really assured of durability, hardness, as well as safety features heat resistance, prevent noise when in use. 
Regarding metal accessories 
Gattner Company uses its accessories WINKHAUS - maker of parts for the plastic door manufacturer famous in Germany. (Link to Supplier) 
Multi-point lock, door lock all 4 sides: anti-pry, completely sealed. 
Newer generations of active pilots accessories, RC-2 standards with security locks with five-point safety latch of Winkhaus

Hope Lock features Swing-open flip and convenient to use.